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This documentation page is for the Version 7.0 of Apwide Golive - For documentation of older versions, click here: Apwide Golive 6.12

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Use Apwide environments in Xray

Xray is the #1 Testing suite for Jira. Xray introduced the concept of Test Environment since version 2.0.0 of their add-on.

Thanks to the Apwide-Xray Integration Jira app you can now link Xray environment labels to your Apwide Environments.

You can also visualise and edit your Xray Test Execution and Xray Test Plans directly in Apwide Timeline.

Learn how to achieve that.

Installation tutorial in video

How does it work?

Pre requisites:

Integration is based on naming convention: when a test environment defined in Xray has the same name as an existing environment in Apwide (spaces in Apwide name must be replaced by "_" in Xray name), it will be automatically enriched by all information available in Apwide:

You will be also able to change start and end dates of Xray test executions/plans visually, simply by dragging issues on the timeline:

Xray version compatibility

Xray 3.2+ are officially supported versions for integration with Apwide.

If you want to enforce Xray users to choose only existing Apwide environments (like in the video above): contact us. We will give you instruction how to make an absolutely perfect integration with 3.+ versions of Xray!

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