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Discover the version 6.8 of Apwide Golive for Jira with plenty of new features!


Environments Page

  • Save and share your environment filters
  • Customize the list of columns to display (including attributes)
  • Possible to sort on attributes


  • New Timeline Gadget to display a saved timeline
  • New Environments Gadget to display a saved environment search filter


  • New JQL function environments() to filter Jira issues using environment search API

Bug fixes

  • Wide events not displayed on timeline when exceeding display range
  • Error on environment category deletion

Release Highlights

Save and share your environment filters

Save your Environments filters to retrieve them later, to share them with others users, or to display them in the new environments Gadget.

Just go to Search Environments page and start creating your own filters.

Customize columns

Saving search filters is good, and customizing search result display is even better.

With this improvement you can select and reorder the columns in your search filter. Columns can be the general information (Category, Application, Status, etc.), the Attributes you added, or some new type of computed information (Name, Status/Version).

New Timeline Gadget

Do you want to share your reporting with your colleague? Display timelines in Gadget directly from your own personalized and saved timelines.

For that, use the new Timeline gadget and select the Timeline you want to embed inside the Gadget. It will be updated automatically when you update the saved Timeline.

New Environments Gadget

You can share your environments filters using the new Environments Gadget. Just create a new filter with your own criteria and columns, add the environment gadget to your Jira dashboard, and select your filter, that's it!

New environments() JQL function

Filter Jira issues using the environment search API thanks to the new JQL function called environments().

Based on the existing environment search, this function receive a query in parameter (SQL-like syntax) processed to return a list of filtered environments. This list can then be used to filter your Jira issues.

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