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This documentation page is for Golive 7.3 (Server & Data Center) | Older versions | Golive CLOUD

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Released on  

Discover the version 6.12 of Apwide Golive for Jira!


Documentation & Support

  • New Get Started page
  • New discover feature tours


  • ICS/iCal calendar import
  • Sort calendars
  • Timeline Settings button moved up


  • Multi-platform support for new gadgets (eg: display them on confluence)

Bug fixes

  • Timeline swimlanes sort order
  • Keyboard interactions in dialogs
  • Navigation & UI improvements.

Release Highlights

Get Started!

You just installed Apwide Golive and you don't know where to start from? You need help on how to manage your environment assets ? You want to link your Jira issues to environments but you don't know how?

Keep calm and take a look at the get started page!

It doesn't matter if you are looking for support, help or new ideas, newcomers and more advanced users will find all they need to adapt Apwide Golive to their own needs.

Ready for a tour?

You missed one of the new feature our you want to know more about some of existing capabilities. Let's take a tour and let yourself be guided through what Apwide Golive can offer.

Golive user interface has been enhanced with question mark that will help you to achieve your job using step by step interactive explanations  of some of the available features.

You have existing calendars somewhere?

You have Google agendas or Confluence Team Calendars that you would like to import on your timeline. Now you can thanks to the ical import.

For sure you probably want to adapt your roadmaps according to the public holidays specific to your country. Let's import this calendar from its public ICS URL.

Calendar sorting

To facilitate the visualization of your timeline, you can now choose in which order you display your calendars on the timeline calendar list.

Take your gadgets with you everywhere!

New environments, timeline and matrix gadgets can now be embedded to any open social portals such as confluence.

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