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This documentation page is for the Version 7.1 of Apwide Golive - For older versions, click here

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Discover the version 6.11 of Apwide Golive for Jira!


Environment Custom Field

  • New configuration options to restrict environment suggestions for a custom field

Bug fixes

  • Not able to manage teams on an Oracle database
  • Support of long application/category name improved

Release Highlights

Customize your Jira workflows with new environment field restrictions

New environment field restrictions brings the capabitility to apply search criteria on your field. You can now limit suggestions made to the user when creating/editing an issue.

Your team wants to offer environment reservation to your community of users ? Let's put in place a booking request workflow and select which environments your users can book.

When your organization reach a certain size, you probably have users working on different applications and using different environments. Field restrictions are also able to restrict environments based on the current user permission. A user will be able to see/select an environment for a given issue only if he can view, edit, deploy... this environment.

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