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This documentation page is for the Version 7.1 of Apwide Golive - For older versions, click here

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Released on  

Discover the version 6.10 of Apwide Golive for Jira!


Timeline Page

  • Timeline can be displayed relatively to the current time


  • New Environments Matrix Gadget to display 2 dimensions table
  • Legacy gadget now supports attribute as column selection


  • Custom properties have been removed and are replaced by attributes

Bug fixes

  • Random environment display in environment custom field
  • Encoding issue on attribute special characters
  • Encoding issue on application and category names

Release Highlights

Sliding Timeline: visible time range relative to current time

Timelines can now be displayed relatively to current time. For example you can build a timeline that will always have a default visible range starting 1 month in the past and ending 3 months in the future.

Combined with the new Timeline Gadget, you can use these relative time ranges in your Jira dashboards. Enable the auto-refresh, and your dashboards will always display the right time range with up-to-date events!

Give it a try !

Environments Matrix Gadget

Get a synthetic and compact view over important environment information in your Jira Dashboards thanks to the new environment matrix gadget: choose the columns, the rows and the values to display in a 2 dimensions table. Fans of "spreadsheet's pivot tables" will fall in love with the Matrix!

Bye Bye Custom Properties ! Welcome Attributes !

Custom properties have been removed and are now replaced by attributes. All existing properties and their values are automatically migrated to new attribute during installation of Apwide 6.10.

Thanks to features such as "Environment filters", "Column personalization" or "New Environment Gadget", attributes provide more functionalities that you had before with custom properties.

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